Why, I ask, why?

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Gretchen Edwards
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by Gretchen Edwards » 01 Jun 2004, 17:43

I just want to know how many people feel that Quark is a terrible program? I loved, absolutely LOVED Quark 4.1. It worked great, did the job and had few problems aside from the little idiosyncracies. Then we upgraded to 5.0 and from the start the program sucked. It does this pausing thing twice every five minutes or so--the program freezes for about 20 seconds twice in a row. It likes to shift my pages and my text, the rotate tool doesn't work properly, master pages won't work properly--if I do something to both pages, only the right facing pages will work, or it'll only work on random pages--and on and on and on. I mean, the list is longer than my grocery list. That was all from the get-go. NOW it pauses more frequently, i can't drag thumbnails into a new document--which is oh so handy when a document becomes corrupt--I have to triple or quadruple click on a page before it'll actually go there--sometimes I just have to scroll because it won't work at all--and the program is SLOW. So slow I can't get hardly any work done. Since we spent the money on this program we can't go back and buy a new program. I'm stuck, I'm frustrated and the people at Quark could care less. They've blown me off as if I don't even exist. I just want to know how many people are as unhappy as me, or if just me and my co-workers are just too stupid to work the program--I know how to work the program so I know it can't be that...

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Why, I ask, why?

Post by stump » 01 Jun 2004, 17:52

had some problems with 5 as well.

so i did the only thing i could do to keep my sanity...i went back to 4

after all, quark wasnt *forcing* me to upgrade, so after 1 copy i stopped -- and we still use 4 on all of our macs

Tim OConnor
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by Tim OConnor » 01 Jun 2004, 18:09

You have to keep in mind that Quark 3 & 4 lasted relatively unchanged for a decade, more or less. Each had its own idiosyncracies when it came out but the industry is populated by users who have overcome each problem and have more or less forgotten the hiccups.

Quark 5 did not meet the expectations of many, who felt the it too, was relatively unchanged. Unfortunatly, Apple, decided to radically alter {some say rewrite} its operating systemm which is now in its 4th major version. Adobe aslo got into the act with Indesign, which is also in its 4th major revision. Both OS X and InDesign are only now starting to bew accepted in the industry. Despite what you read on Apple & Adobe's forums, professionally, there are far more users still in OS9 and QX4.11 is still pretty much the most common file format. Might be PDF as that is gaining favor with printers and service bureaus...

Designers and small shops are quicker to change software as it is usually just a few users. Complex workflows with interdepartmental colaberation are much slower to shift... Although that time is coming quick...

The one universal point of agreement I am seeing is that straddling OS9 and OSx in a professional invironment is unappealing. The shift to OS X is happening now. Stragglers should be catching up.

Although with OS X about to debut its fifth incarnation in as many years... Big firms may hold a bit to explore the ramifications of "Tiger"

I ignored Jaguar completely as soon as I heard about Panther. My business is Advertising, not IT. Most of the stress and frustration you are reading about is coming from people with upgrade fatigue.

John K
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by John K » 01 Jun 2004, 18:39

Xpress is not a terrible application. It IS a DATED application. Now, the specialized Xtensions can make it a decent application.

DeviceN should have been implemented long ago. The heavy handed remapping of imported spot colors is frustrating to say the least. Finally implemented paste in place. Oh wait, we are still using the upper left reference point for position elements.

Now, the project spaces and syncronized text is a good direction, but it is not implemented in the best way.

If you want Photoshop spot raster (excluding duotones) users have to deal with the dreaded dcs image.

I will not even mention transparency.

When will Xpress step away from blended gradients? Xpress 6 is suppose to be postscript 3 complient but those blended gradients are still limited to 256 gray levels. Do you know how much easier it is to work with 4096 gray levels? Quark does not.

If you have not guess, I have already switch my production to InDesign. I am also in prepress so I deal with both Xpress and InDesign. Xpress 6 is not a terrible application. IMO it does not have enough innovation from Xpress 4. It is just NOT a great application.

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Why, I ask, why?

Post by bonniej » 01 Jun 2004, 18:44

I too loved Quark 4.1.1

I hated Quark 5 & returned to 4.1.1

Then I moved from OS 9 to OSX... and Quark 4.1.1 was horrible. VEry slow to work in classic and it was crashing all the time.

I moved to InDesign.. which is wonderful & all the printers that I work with accept its files or PDFs made forom it.

I then upgraded to Quark 6 which works in OSX.

I go between Quark 6 & InDesign.... which each I have things I love & thinhs I hate. I choose which one to use depending on the job.

Bill Detty
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by Bill Detty » 01 Jun 2004, 20:27

[quote=http://www.quark.com/products/xpress/501update.html]here[/url]. Make sure you read the ReadMe, the instructions, and the Known Issues very carefully before you proceed, because there are traps you'll need to avoid.

Gretchen Edwards
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by Gretchen Edwards » 02 Jun 2004, 10:17

I would upgrade to 6, but I can't justify spending the money to do it when that version is as unreliable as the one I use. AND none of my printers have upgraded to 6 and in some cases have downgraded to 4.11. I can't justify wasting the time to save my document in 5 then open five and resave the document in 4. That's just a big waste of time and I shouldn't have to do it. I can't go back to 4.11 because it's even worse when working through OSX than 5 is. Thank you for suggesting the 5.01 upgrade. I searched the site for upgrades and none turned up so I don't know how you found it, but hopefully it solves a few of my many problems...

Gretchen Edwards
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Why, I ask, why?

Post by Gretchen Edwards » 02 Jun 2004, 10:33

Well I tried the updater but it doesn't work. Just as it gets under way it stops with some crazy error message and doesn't continue. I tried installing it starting up from 9 and from 10 to no avail.

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Why, I ask, why?

Post by bltafel » 02 Jun 2004, 15:15

I, too, have had so many frustrating experiences with Quark, I can barely stand the sight of the program. Since switching to InDesign, my life has been a breeze.

Pure bliss, I tell you...pure bliss.

I encourage everyone to make the switch. You won't regret it.

Then you can come back and laugh at all the people trying to deal with this miserable program and miserable company. :D

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Why, I ask, why?

Post by TDaigle » 02 Jun 2004, 15:29

Isn't 5 minutes the default setting for AutoSave? i know that in 4 AutoSave was a nightmare ... you have probably checked this in preferences already but thought I would throw it out there.

My company skipped 5 and went from 4 to 6 -- now i am considering a pilot of InDesign by the end of the year....

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