What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by metroid » 28 May 2004, 20:19

Brilliant! Now if only you would devote half as much energy to learning how to use the program, all your problems would be solved.

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by iclethero » 31 May 2004, 08:48

Maybe MIVEC works for Adobe? :)

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by AntiQuark » 09 Jun 2004, 03:59

...or maybe he/she is perfectly right? Quark have ruled the street, but have ended up dumping itself beside a deserted road waaaaay out in nowhere. And thank God for that!

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by kenlasley » 09 Jun 2004, 06:57

I prefer InDesign, but would never do this on the Quark forum. I am sad to see that people can be so stupid.


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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by Ander » 21 Jun 2004, 22:14

That's interesting.... This entire thread appears to be based on an initial message that has been removed. Does that tell you anything?

Loyalty is funny. People decide to be loyal to a particular company. They make a financial investment, and it somehow becomes an emotional investment. It doesn't matter if the company assumes it has the market sewn up, rests on its laurels, gets lazy and greedy, lets their quality and customer support decline to intolerable levels, and begins a long, slow journey into the mud. Their core of "loyal users" will stick with them to the bitter end.

I've written and edited for a corporate client for several years. They become unhappy with their design service (coincidentally, for reasons similar to those I mentioned). I showed them some books I'd designed, and they asked me if I'd like to design theirs as well. They offered to buy whatever software I needed.

Their previous designer used QuarkXpress, so that seemed the logical place to start my research.

In the past, I'd heard only good things about Quark. However, the first red flag appeared when I found that Quark's user forum had been offline for months. It was supposedly for "upgrading"---but why take down the existing version while developing a new one? (And what did that say about Quark's ability to produce software?) On other Quark-user sites, I read that the official forum had been subjected to unusually abusive feedback; users speculated that it'd been closed because it made the company look bad.

I soon realized that unhappy and angry QuarkXPress users were common. They complained about buggy, outdated software; infuriatingly complicated registration routines; inept, incomprehensible customer support; and extra charges for using the software on secondary machines (a very common requirement in our business). It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The only positive bits I found were from "loyal users" like those I've characterized above---goofy, perky cheerleaders who didn't realize their team had already gone to the showers.

For every complaint I read about Quark, I read a rave about InDesign. It didn't take a genius to see what was going on.

I've been using InDesign CS for several weeks now. It flawlessly imported my client's Quark files. I've designed and formatted an entire new book from scratch. As I expected, it's vastly superior to the publishing apps I've previously used. It automates complicated tasks I used to do manually. Everything works perfectly---not a single bug (impressive, in software of that complexity!). The user guide, bundled video tutorials, and online and in-program tutorials were excellent. The few questions I had were quickly answered in Adobe's forum.

There was NO registration hoop-jumping, just a card explaining the benefits of optional registration. I've installed ID on my portable, too. I didn't need anyone's permission, or to spend any more of my client's money.

Now that this forum is online again, I had to check it out to see if I could've possibly missed anything. It's eliminated any doubt in my mind.

Well, you've probably heard all this before. There's no telling how long Quark will leave this post here; it's not the kind of thing to encourage new customers. I'm just vain enough, though, to think that the right person at Quark may see it, a lightbulb may go on in their head, and a great company may save itself from oblivion. Anything's possible.

Cheers, Ander

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by gilgemesh » 22 Jun 2004, 11:11

While I must admit that I have had my share of issues with Quark over the years, after spending the better part of the morning revising a brochure that was laid out in FREEHAND I have to say I can over look a lot of Quarks issues right now.

I'm not going to spout that Quark is the best, but hopefully the return of the forums will be the first in a huge improvement in Customer Service.

Oh, and did anyone else notice that CS could also stand for customer service?

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by minuteman » 25 Jun 2004, 10:52

I gotta admit... I've been using Quark since the Very Beginning of my design career, but recently while I had nothing to do I checked out InDesign, which we have in case clients bring in InDesign files. Can I just say, Wow. I'll continue using Quark because it's what I'm used to, but Quark, heed these words -- when I go shopping for my own business in a few years, I'll be happy to pay less for InDesign and get more.

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What WE think of QUARK, simply the greatest program EVER

Post by stevewlondon » 30 Jun 2004, 04:33

We moved from Quark 4.1 to 6.1 and have been really let down by Quark. The price of the package is extortionate, the customer service is absolutely vile, the package crashes regularly when copying tables, it is impossible to copy a layout from one project to another, we had incredible problems loading the software, including mutiple conflicts with other software products - the list just goes on and on.

Basically, Quark has gotten too big for itself and is losing us as customers. We spent nearly 20,000 getting the new Quark installed on our computers, only to be told that we would have to pay extra for technical support. The software just isn't worth it. It has cost us productivity and at least one client. We are preparing to sue and switch everything to In-Design.

Do not buy Quark until they change their customer service policy and start treating customers with a bit more respect. Besides that, In-Design is a much better package.

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