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Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 04 Sep 2016, 09:32
by Wörn
Something on boxes:
Even in the oldest text editor I know Word 2 for Windows there was a simple to use way of restricting box frames to any side and all possible combinations. I still found no practical way of doing so in Quark 2016. Very strange!
The fit box to text feature is nice but rather more I'd like a "fit text to box (width)" feature where I could use the maximum text size for captions in a given frame without trying and erroring. I know this could be done by transforming text into beziers and then resizing the graphics but why not giving us a simplier way...
One thing I would really love: I'd call this "punching a hole an a canvas". Sometimes I'd like to have negative (or transparent text where the letters' transparency affects the background, too), that is text in a box with coloured background where I can see through to the objects below (do you understand what I'm trying to say??). Up to now this has to be done in Photoshop (which is quite easy). But if I'd like to change something in the graphics it's getting complicated.
One last thing I'm really missing would be automatically alinged vertical lines between text columns. Up to now I don't know any other way but to draw and adjust the lines by hand according to the vertical size of the boxes (I'm using item styles and have them in my style sheets). And sometimes after fiddling with them those lines are a little bit off... But having done this automatically would be a dream!

best regards

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 04 Sep 2016, 10:51
by Wörn
One remark on why I'm posting here and not on Facebook: I'm simply not on Facebook and never will be. Nevertheless I hope that my suggestions will find a way to a new version of Xpress. So let's go:

Some improvements of the user interface:

I'm missing a list of all objects of a layer. Sometimes Quark is "behaving strangely" until I find that there is an exact copy of a text frame above the one I'd like to work with (don't know how that happened). It would be a real help if I could see a list of all objects on a page/layer and select them from there.

Having the "hide selection" feature is quite helpful but sometimes I forget that I activated it and wonder why Quark is "doing strange things" now. A little warning icon in the status bar would be of great help.

On the web, it's quite common to define colours by hex code. So strange that Quark doesn't know anything about that!

In the page layout palette I could use some icon style representation of the layout for better orientation. Of course this doesn't make sense in a text-only novel or a two sided flyer but sometimes it's easier than going through miniatures (shift F6).

An other thing I found: The intensity of drop shadows is not strong enough for small text sizes. When I position black text above pictures I like to underly it with a white drop shadow to improve readability. But the white shadow is way too weak in small text sizes even when I set the blur to minimum and the opacity to 100%. Apart from that it is not possible to position the blur exactly behind the letters in order to get a nice "aura". And when you reposition the text frame by a few mm up or down when the text is locked to grid some strange things happen to the position of the shadow...

Give us a user definable icon bar! I'm shure everybody of us is using Quark in a different way. So why not give us a place where we can put all icons we need for our work to be done as efficiently as possible. All due respect to your efforts in improving the UI but there still so more can be done (not to mention the lengthy menues).

Give Windows users a way to redefine the keyboard shortcuts! (I for my part would really like to define a shortcut for selecting a paragraph, as quadruple mouse clicking is simply annoying.)

In the search and replace box I would like some kind of restriction of the text area. When I mark text I assume that the replacement is being done only within the marked text. Not so with Quark! On the other hand sometimes I have to do replacements in the whole document and not only within the story. No way in Quark!

These are the little annoyances I stumbled upon in the last days. More to come in the near future...
best regards (I still like Quark)

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 06 Sep 2016, 04:32
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi Wörn,

thank you for your suggestions. And of course you can submit them here, that's I wrote in my Facebook post:
On Facebook Matthias wrote:

After the summer break we will again create a survey to ask all our customers, which features on the wishlist should get a high priority and be implemented in future versions of QuarkXPress.

Remember, we had conducted such a survey in 2014 to rank the wishlist back then.

The result drove the majority of our development for QuarkXPress 2015 and 2016. PDF/X-4, larger page size, footnotes, multi-color gradients and color picker were some of the TOP 20 ranked features.

Of course we have collected a wishlist of features you have asked for in the past and also whatever we heard via forums, social media, email and phone.

However, I want to make sure that we cover the TOP 50 to TOP 75 again, everything else would just be too long.

SO PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR WISHLIST ITEMS NOW that we should put into the survey for ranking.

And remember, this is NOT the ranking itself yet, it is just helping us to pre-build the survey. There's also no new major version on the horizon, so questions to "when will we have that" will remain unanswered for now ;-)

And also no "that's a stupid idea" comments on suggestions of others please. Repeating ideas with comments like "I would like <xzy> too" help though, as we probably can't list each individual wish.
Thank you!

P.S.: If you rather send them to me privately, as it is longer or requires explanations, please do so. Just send me a private message.

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 13 Sep 2016, 05:43
by tilmanlo
Give us something like the textstyle brush for objects: So we can copy and paste frame dimensions, colors, size (…) quickly.
Would be very helpful sometimes …
Nevertheless: dynamic guides are really great an I use it in nearly every project :D

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 13 Sep 2016, 11:27
by Jan Bud
Using Windows 7, Q2016
(these were also in Q15):
We publish books, so we always have facing pages to work with. It would be very helpful if "Fit in Window" could jump to the spread, not just one page. I constantly have to adjust position when doing this. When dealing with a 200+ page book, it's very time consuming and distracting.

Less important (maybe not...), when in "preferences", some fields are cropped in items that stretch down a bit. e.g. in "open & Save", "save layout position" is the lowest I can see - there is a hint of another line below, but it is cut off.

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 19 Sep 2016, 00:05
by ben nevis
I would like to see a Text Style sometimes called Stroked Text. This creates a line or stroke around the normal (filled) shape of the type. If the stroke is white it helps the text stand out on a coloured background. The key thing is that the text can still be edited. In other words the text should NOT be converted to a box or shape.

From the Style menu at present it is possible to access a Type Style called Outline. I thought that Outline would give the effect I'm looking for, but it doesn't. This seems to make the text white in colour, but also stretches it slightly. When it is placed alongside plain text it takes up slightly more space. I'm not sure what the idea is behind this style.

Am I missing something or can genuine STROKED TEXT not be achieved with Quark? ? If not, please put this on the wishlist.

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 09:30
by tilmanlo
Some days ago I needed more pasteboard above and below a 2Meter file. 12,7mm ist not enough! How about a setting?

Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 14:33
by jcsiegrist

InDesign has a star in the font menu to automatically filter the desired fonts in order to reduce the length of the menu.
But it will be a good idea to have the same function in Quark, but in an inverted form: clicking on a star (for example) will hide the undesired system fonts. Thus it will be very convenient to have a small list of fonts—only those used—and the fonts automatically activated by Suitcase Fusion or FontExplorer Pro will also appear in the shortened list.

Concerning the html5 export it will be useful to use a screen size adjusted for Safari on iPad without scrolling and then, too, the ability to modify the javascript files to easily create a kiosk.


Re: Building the wishlist

Posted: 22 Nov 2016, 03:39
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi everybody,

in case that you have not subscribed to our newsletter, we sent around the links to the wish list ranking last week.

Please make sure that you participate: