re-integrate Imposer and/or MarkIt back into XPress?

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re-integrate Imposer and/or MarkIt back into XPress?

Post by amckinney » 14 Jul 2016, 10:04

Any chance of resurrecting one (or both) of these former ALAP Xtensions (which were rolled into Print Collection then abandoned) into the 2017 release?

I know everyone says "you can do this in PDF", but I know I'm not the only designer who would prefer to be able to print imposed spreads (and generate custom trim marks) directly in my project, especially if I'm having to go back and forth from my project and the job in the RIP and keep making adjustments to color separations, etc. It's so much better to have the Quark plug-in than to have to make a new PDF every time I make a layout adjustment.

The use of Imposer in particular kept me from upgrading Quark software for YEARS. I preferred using version 7 on an unsupported OS (Snow Leopard) and dealing with the crashes than having to export to PDF every time I wanted to impose something.

One other thing is that compared to Acrobat plug-ins, Imposer (and Print Collection) were usually much less expensive.

Here is my final argument for bringing Imposer (at least) back from the dead: your direct competitor still has a "booklet" imposition feature (though their 4-up is basically 4-up consecutive rather than the 4-up saddle booklet that Imposer had). In fact, they've had it from day one, as it was a left-over from PageMaker.

Me and my co-workers can't be the only ones who miss this!

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