Will an imposition solution finally be coming back in v10?

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Will an imposition solution finally be coming back in v10?

Post by amckinney » 12 Jun 2013, 05:42

I would like to know if the developers ever concidered re-instating Imposer (or the whole Quark Print Collection or some alternative) to Quark XPress? The "answer" that Quark gave us back with version 8 (that people should just export files to PDF) is lame.
Contrary to popular opinion, there are those of us who like to generate imposed spreads, printers marks and (thanks to ZPC's MarkIt) proper "press" color bars. QPC was a very affordable solution, and when Quark stopped developing it, I was more than a little upset.Ofte-times, I might need to fine-tune things like overprinting and trapping after I've sent a document to the plate-setter's RIP. Using Quark Print Collection within Quark, it's simply go back, make adjustments adn print again. With Quark's CURRENT solution (having to go to PDF), that means having to print to PDF everytime I make an adjustment, needless extra work.
InDesign has managed to include imposition software (those, not as good as Imposer) going all the way back to at least CS1. Why let Adobe have this 'exclusive' feature (especially when Quark bought-out ALAP, the company who made Imposer in the first place. It's good, simple software).
Quark should know this: the lack of imposition (and MarkIt) in newer versions of XPress is the PRIMARY reason why I have not upgraded since version 7.5, and know what? If imposition is still missing from the software, I will STILL refuse to upgrade. I'll put up with the occasional crashes I get under Snow Leopard, because that is preferable to having to either print to PDF, use InDesign, or purchase overly-expensive XTensions like DynaStrip.

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