Automatic spell check like WORD

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by baldwinl » 27 Mar 2008, 10:52

yes, I said it! like WORD...
Could you PLEASE add in Quark an automatic spellcheck? Quark's spell check is such annoying process that really is time consuming and involved. It would greatly improve accuracy for those designers like me who can't SPELL...

Even this NEW TOPIC has automatic spell check, giving me suggestions as I go along.

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by thing » 27 Mar 2008, 11:36

This has been suggested before and I'll add to this what I added to the previous suggestion ...

Great idea, but make it user switchable. To be forced to have something on, like the uncapitalised sentance rubbish in 7.31's spell checker, with no option to turn it off is awful.

I for one don't want auto-spell checking, but I can see the use, so with it there and selectable as an option, great!


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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by charlieartist » 28 Mar 2008, 10:52

Yes--I would agree with Greg.

Especially when it comes to technical terms. I like Entourage quite well, for example, but detest the autocorrect.

Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, but in the ideal print design workflow, we would be getting pretty much final edited copy to flow in to begin with.

Oh well, one can hope!

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by baldwinl » 28 Mar 2008, 11:41

Okay Quark,
here's the amendment to the original request:
Can we make sure we add a 'turn off' or 'hide' option to an automatic, 'high speed', amendable dictionary, spellcheck??

Obviously, like with many other functions, it would be annoying if you didn't have a turn off option.

All I know is, a new, automatic spellcheck would be one less button I need to press, and 30 mintues of processing 'the layout' time back of my life.

Glad to hear the hope of an ideal workflow is still alive in some hearts and minds...

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by polka » 22 Jul 2009, 23:51

I just came across an XTension that does this for all you users. AthenaSoft's AutoCorrectXT is the one providing Word like features of dynamic spell checking as you type and Auto Corections.You can get this from

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by imsoblonde » 24 Jul 2009, 02:41

This extension only works for Quark 8 - I am running 7.5 - any options for that?

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by kelley0328 » 31 Jul 2009, 07:43

I posted a message about spell check before I saw this on here. If Quark could expand the preferences for spell check so that you can choose to turn off or turn on auto check. Also allow you to chose options to ignore. I use a lot of bullet points in my catalog layouts and spell check stops at everyone. I quit using it. If I could specify to ignore certain characters that would solve my issue.

Bob L.
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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by Bob L. » 26 Oct 2009, 06:31

Sorry I don't see any responses from Quark, so I have to ask if Quark is planning on offering an extension for the older (below V8) versions and/or a fixed spell checker in the next upgrade, or would they recommend purchasing a third party spell checker? I and I'm sure many others don't have the time it takes to go through all of the suspect capitalizations, ect. Right now, I'm not doing a spell check and it gets me into trouble once in a while. It's very frustrating!

Mick McArt
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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by Mick McArt » 20 Jan 2010, 04:29

Might as well request a Grammar check too. I'm a writer and I would love this option. I hate having to write in Word then bring it all into Quark. Someday I'll delete Word...

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Automatic spell check like WORD

Post by strux » 27 Dec 2011, 19:17

I bought the AtenaSoft license for $50 last April for Quark 8. I upgraded to Quark 9, and now AthenaSoft requires that I buy another $50 license. No thanks! (The popup icon on misspelled words was kind of annoying, anyway).

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