Please Improve Spellchecker

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Please Improve Spellchecker

Post by adamjd » 10 Mar 2009, 06:01

I think the spell checker in Quark needs some big improvements. I'm not asking it to be amazing but at least be comparable with MS Word. I hate the fact that Quark 8 spell checker does not even have the option to ignore all words that are seen to be spelled properly. I am working on a document with over a hundred acronyms which are repeated again and again, and I am forced to click "skip" over every single one every time I do a check. It is very painful and could be easily avoided. I have some programming background and know this is a simple fix in the code to keep track of every word that was seen to be spelled correctly in a hash table or even a stack and search over when a word is flagged as incorrect. A simple check would save me hours. Please Quark improve your spell checker!

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Please Improve Spellchecker

Post by imsoblonde » 10 Mar 2009, 07:30

I am down with that! I use quark - and use a lot of hebrew words (transliterations) and yes - it is a total chore to try to spell check a large document....

Should we innundate them with emails?

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