Add a featered image to Quark

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Keith Anderson
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Add a featered image to Quark

Post by Keith Anderson » 11 Aug 2005, 14:18

A 300 dpi CMYK (or greyscale) tiff should work fine. Make sure the feathered edge is fully in the image box, ie, not being cut off by the confines of the image box.


Jim Oblak
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Add a featered image to Quark

Post by Jim Oblak » 11 Aug 2005, 15:42

Feathering relies on something more than the 1-bit transparency limitations of a clipping path in QuarkXPress. What you are trying to do can only be done in InDesign 2 or greater (from 2002) or in QuarkXPress 7 in 2006. You will want to use a PSD file with these applications; not a TIFF or GIF file (unless you are designing for screen display only).

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