Wish list??

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Wish list??

Post by Claire » 22 Sep 2004, 09:27

There used to be a wish list area in the old forum. I'd like to see that added to these new forums, too. And here's an item I'd like to see in Quark 6.2+:

The ability to put items on different layers on master pages. I'm working on a template for a book right now that has separate student and instructor's editions. The instructor's info is in a screened box at the bottom of the page. The typesetter will have to manually add this screened area and its contents to another layer in the document on every page of this 900+ page book. It would have been SO MUCH EASIER for them if the screened area could have been assigned a different layer on the master pages of the book template and then just have them check or uncheck the visibility at print time for the different editions.

Thanks, Claire
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Wish list??

Post by Scripting_Ace » 27 Sep 2004, 12:53

Hi Claire,

such a beast has already been strated in this forum. You might want to update This Thread with your input.

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