How to retrieve font size information via QXPS

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How to retrieve font size information via QXPS

Post by » 30 Mar 2011, 00:31

Anyone has experience in retrieving font information via QXPS?
My problem is app. 10.000QuarkXPress jobs which should be investigated for font sizes under 5pt.
My first thought was to loop over the files, open in QXPS,get theXML and search for the "SIZE" attribute... - but the XML seems to be missing font information some times (I think all styles are not explicit in the XML).
Any suggestions? - maybe I should go for the PDF versions of thejobs (I alreadyhave those)instead and drop the QXPS approach?
Best regards,

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How to retrieve font size information via QXPS

Post by AndyDyer » 31 Mar 2011, 06:55

Hi Henning,
The RICHTEXT@SIZE attribute is only included in Modifier XML deconstruct when the font size differs from that specified in the style sheet: so if the style is already defined as having text which is smaller than 5pt, you won't see that in the XML output. You could parse the job jacket which is associated with the project, and which contains the style sheet definitions (generated by adding the parameter "jjname=filename.xml" to the XML request (where filename.xml is the name for the output file), then retrieved from QXPS with a "literal" request for that filename), and identify any paragraph or character styles which have a text size smaller than 5 pt.
However, if it's feasible for you to move to QXPS 9 (which will be available soon), there's a new feature which can do exactly what you're looking for! This feature is a new request named "evaluate" - this request exposes the same layout evaluation functionality which is available in QuarkXPress (on the File->Job Jackets->Evaluate Layout menu item) for QuarkXPress Server. To use this, you'd need to do the following:
1. In QuarkXPress, create a new Job Jacket using Job Jackets manager (Utilities->Job Jackets Manager...) by clicking on the "New" button in the toolbar of that dialog (first button on the left).
2. In this new job jacket, create a rule asset by clicking on Advanced button,navigating to the "Rules" section in the list of asset types, and clicking the "New Item" button:
[img]file:///Users/andrew/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/moz-screenshot.png[/img] In the following dialogs, you need to define that your new rule will check for text which is smaller than 5pt:
Image Image Image
3. Create a new ruleset in this job jacket and add your rule to it:
Image Image
4. Save the job jacket (it's an XML file), locate the XML file on disk, and upload it (or copy it) to the QuarkXPress Server document pool
5. Make an evaluate request to the layout:
http://server:port/evaluate/qxp_project.qxp?jobjacket=myjobjacket.xml&ruleset=myRules (where the job jacket you saved was named "myjobjacket.xml" and the ruleset was named "myRules".
The output from this will look something like the following:


Name: Missing Font Subject: Fonts; Conditions: Font; Font: Font is
This rule searches layout for missing font.
Please replace or locate this font.

Name: Missing Picture Subject: Pictures; Conditions: Asset; Asset:
Asset is Missing;
This rule serches layout for missing pictures. The picture is missing, please locate or replace the picture. NOTED PASSED 0 Name: CheckFontSize Subject: Text Characters; Conditions: Font Size; Font Size: Font Size is less than 5 pt; Font is too small No fonts should be smaller than 5 pt NOT RECOMMENDED FAILED 1 5 1 you can query the result of this request as an XML document, and look for the condition "//RULESET[@NAME='myRules'][@STATUS='FAILED']" - this will identify any documents which have text smaller than 5pt. It'll also tell you which boxes an pages that this failure occurs on within the CASE node: in this example, it was only one instance on page 1, which was the box with the UID of 5. I hope that this helps,Regards,Andy--Andy DyerProduct Manager, Enterprise, Quark Inc.
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How to retrieve font size information via QXPS

Post by » 03 Apr 2011, 22:10

Thanks, AndyThat sure looks interesting!Do you have any ideas when the QXPS 9 will be available?Best regards,Henning

Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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How to retrieve font size information via QXPS

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 03 Apr 2011, 22:16

Hi Henning,
QuarkXPress 9 will be available this month (April) and we are positive to make this available rather sooner than later this month.
As we do simultaneous releases, QuarkXPress Server 9, QPS 9 and all the other solutions and components will be available then too.
Will keep you posted.

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