HTML5 Custom Interactivity Scripting

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HTML5 Custom Interactivity Scripting

Post by saratogacoach » 21 Nov 2020, 12:01

Using the latest (QXP 16.1.2) trying out HTML5 Custom Interactivity by adding HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

(1) If I use QXP's vector tool to add an ellipse or rectangle, how would I reference this added vector object in a script using the HTML5 Custom Interactivity dialog. I am not sure how to get the vector element's ID name. If I use the web developer inspector in FireFox to check the vector object's ID, it was labelled as an "ellipse" but the individual object had no ID name. Not sure how to add vectors in QXP and then reference them by ID (get element by ID) in a custom script.

(2) If I add audio file (MP3) for sound effects in this script, not sure how to reference the sound file in the script. Can use <src> tags in <head> section to reference and play audio files added into the folder (where the index.html file is located), but when tested, so far, not playing. What is the best way to add sound that will be run within a HTML5 custom interactivity script?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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