Bloody disgrace

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christiane bezerra
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Bloody disgrace

Post by christiane bezerra » 13 Jun 2004, 08:35

Just to make sure -- have you upgraded to 6.1 and also downloaded the separate PDF update?

Even after that though, I still can't export certain files, i.e. a 30-page article with rotated and colorized tiffs and Illustrator charts. I know it's a lot to expect but not really. Even when I save it as a postscipt file and distill it in Acrobat Professional I can't get it to work... Acrobat tries to "fix" the file and then can't.

Also, if using Fontbook, when installing fonts, do it through the application instead of moving the files around manually. Resolve your duplicates (in Fontbook) and deactivate fonts you don't want (but don't "remove" unless you're sure you can).

Very frustating indeed.


Bivouac Ponzetti
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Bloody disgrace

Post by Bivouac Ponzetti » 13 Jun 2004, 14:24

[strong]PC Graphics Report:[/strong]Actually the Adobe user guides are very reasonable ($49) much like Quarks ($45)The Adobe manuals are for all the CS products. So the price diferential for the Suite is still much better.

Indeed. And this new Vista XTension is pretty unimpressive when you consider how easy it is to move back and forth in PSD format between ID and Photoshop.

As far as docs are concerned, I've become a convert to the online documentation. As long as it's thorough, for me it's much easier and faster to use than printed docs. I never thought I'd say that, but once I forced myself to get into the habit of opening it up, searching it, etc., I found it to be far more useful than I thought I would.

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Bloody disgrace

Post by scottws » 14 Jun 2004, 08:39

I beg to differ. I have a variety of fonts that work flwalessly in ID, AI, Word, Photoshop, Freehand.....this list goes on......that will NOT work in quark. I have tried every font manager available for OSX, plus simply dragged fonts into the System/Library/Fonts folder, and the problem persists.
I hate OSX font technology, but have made it work for every other application.

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Bloody disgrace

Post by Linda » 14 Jun 2004, 08:41


Are those fonts OpenType?

Linda :?:

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Bloody disgrace

Post by willmark » 14 Jun 2004, 09:21

Does Quark 6 have known issues with OTF's?

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Bloody disgrace

Post by almaink » 14 Jun 2004, 11:19

[strong]willmark:[/strong]Does Quark 6 have known issues with OTF's?

Yes it does, it can only use the standard characters. And it also has issues with some postscript and some truetype fonts, calling them corrupt. Funny how all my other apps have no issues with these same fonts.

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Bloody disgrace

Post by scottws » 14 Jun 2004, 11:27

Some, not all. The variety includes:
1. dfonts (inconsistent)
2. Older Type 1 fonts.
3. Truetype from certain vendors (especially ITC, and "Value" fonts."
4. Various others - no discernable pattern.

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Bloody disgrace

Post by willmark » 14 Jun 2004, 15:09

And people complain saying that InDesign is picky when it comes to fonts... :wink:

PC Graphics Report
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Bloody disgrace

Post by PC Graphics Report » 15 Jun 2004, 22:46

We hear that version 7 will have full support for OpenType fonts.
Version 7 was shown to a select few large Quark customers recently.

Jim Oblak
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Bloody disgrace

Post by Jim Oblak » 16 Jun 2004, 00:12

"We hear..."?

Saying that Q7 will support OTF is just as useful as saying 'buy InDesign' because it will resolve the issue of OTF support. This does nothing to help existing users and may only provide false hope until a solid product is released.

Quark 7 is the carrot held in front of the horse to keep it moving on the path. The horse wants to eat now.

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