Can't Print Postnet Fonts....

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Can't Print Postnet Fonts....

Post by brad-b » 02 Jun 2004, 22:28

Two quick things to try:

1) put the PostNet fonts in the System Folder (even if you're using a font management program); that's helped me with some pesky fonts, and/or

2) try creating a PS file and then double-clicking it in the Finder to let the system open it as a PDF in Preview and see if that prints.

Both are workarounds that have helped me with printing anomalies. Are the fonts really old?


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Can't Print Postnet Fonts....

Post by maverick » 03 Jun 2004, 16:44

if what brad suggested doesnt work try to go ahead and clean the "font cache" from your machines, panther/jaguar. there are utilities like panther cache cleaner which might help.
since you have suitcase then clean suitcase font cache too...ask extensis about it... :wink:

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