Problems with license

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Please note that after March 18, 2014, new customers will not be able to create Quark AVE Publishing (Powered by Aquafadas) apps and that Quark will stop supporting Quark AVE Publishing on Sep 18, 2014 for all customers. Therefore we have closed this forum for posting too. Please contact support if you need help.
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Problems with license

Post by MarcoL » 23 May 2013, 23:49

Hi. We recently bought an APP Studio Factory Single Publication license to publish an App which is associated to App Studio Issue License Pack-1 Issue Pack.As a consequence of some problems/mulfunctioning of the AVE publishing portal we were not able to use this license and had to buy a second one to complete the procedure.We would like to you if it is possibile to unlock license not used in order to use it in the futureThanksMarco

Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Problems with license

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 26 May 2013, 22:35

Hi Marco,
best is to contact Customer Service please. Alternatively send me an email please and I'll hook you up.


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