How do I place a pause/stop action on a specific frame of an

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How do I place a pause/stop action on a specific frame of an

Post by atlpublisher » 24 Mar 2011, 11:56

Hello all....

I've created a box that "grows and shrinks". Inside the interactive project > image sequence mode at 24fps, I created nineteen (19) pages (frames). From page1 through page10, using the Super Step and Repeat command, the box is scaled incrementally by 25% from its smallest size to its largest. From frame11 through frame19, I simply copy and pasted frame1 through frame9 individually in reverse order (i.e., frame11=frame9, frame12=frame8, frame13=frame7.....frame19=frame1). When you preview the SWF, the animated box grows and shrinks! Inside the Layout menu, I selected Advanced Layout Options and clicked share layout (this project only).

Now, inside the Layout menu, I selected New > Presentation mode (800x600). Once open, I drag-and-dropped my image sequence onto the page. Now my question is...using Expressions, how would I place a pause action on frame10 when you "mouse enter" to stop the animation when it is at its largest size and a play/resume action when you "mouse exit" to return the animation to its smallest size? Again, my objective is to make the box grow (and then PAUSE) when the user mouses over the box, and then have the box shink (and STOP) when the user mouses off the box. I know there is a way to do this, but I am stumped!!
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How do I place a pause/stop action on a specific frame of an

Post by Kanav » 24 Mar 2011, 20:00

Hi,-- We regret that animation object does not control the internal pages action. You can apply Pause/ Play action on Mouse Enter and Mouse Exit events of animation object as a whole.


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