Best fit for various Quark Tools for my requirement

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Best fit for various Quark Tools for my requirement

Post by DCTM_MVK » 04 Dec 2014, 10:47

Hello All,

I am new to XML/DITA Authoring tools.

I have following requirement. After reading through various tools features .. I can see all the requirement can be achieved through Quark Tools but which particular tools.. need suggestion.

Please check below .. at present we are facing following challenges.

Recently begun to experiment with structured component content authoring to facilitate the reuse and re-purposing of content to maintain consistency across all delivery points, however, current desktop authoring tool (RoboHelp) is not robust enough nor is it integrated with the Wells Fargo ECM Knowledge Management platform for content management, delivery, governance and record management needs.
Lack of formal operational control framework and structured content templates limit ability to enforce content governance, standards and consistency.
Lack of robust metadata capabilities severely limit delivery options, security and search functionality.
Lack of robust workflow impedes rapid review, approvals and audits of changes or updates to regulated work content such as process, policies and procedures.

Planning to use Quark with CMS Integration will help here ?
Or do you suggest any better tool from Adobe / out Adobe ?
Requirement is like below.

A solution that supports the creation and management of modular or component-based content to enable content reuse and mix/match aggregation of content components
Support for snippet management and includes within component content
Support for multiple common output formats from a single content source
Support for adaptive user interfaces across multiple delivery target end states including mobile platforms, portals, applications, etc.
Support for rich metadata capabilities to enable robust search and dynamic content delivery by various target attributes and business rules
Robust workflow solution to support multiple review, comment and approvals for pre-published content

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Re: Best fit for various Quark Tools for my requirement

Post by max.peter » 04 Dec 2014, 11:15

I guess you'll need the QuarkXPRess Server version or Quarks' Publishing System. Maybe a bit of help from somebody from Quark is necessary. Or try a call/a mail to Quark and explain again what do you need and what do you want to achieve.
You can learn more from Quarks' web page.
Every day is a good day to learn something new.

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Re: Best fit for various Quark Tools for my requirement

Post by DCTM_MVK » 04 Dec 2014, 11:19

Thanks for response.

Unfortunately Quark team need NDA to sign before providing any suggestion / trail version.

I was thinking to get knowledge from Forums to understand what all tools trial version needed.

back to square one :-(

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