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Post by nshathish » 17 Mar 2016, 11:42

I've used XmlImport and quark placeholders to dynamically import variable data and render them as pdf
I've used this feature successfully in QXPS ver 8 and 9
the current version we have is 9.5 and this feature doesn't seem to work anymore-the rendered pdf is showing only the default quark page
XmlImport should create same no. of pages as there are in the variable data xml file-and this used to work with the earlier versions
Is anything changed in the new 9.5 ver? do I need to do some more steps to create these separate pages ?

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Re: XmlImport

Post by jaiken » 20 Apr 2016, 08:57

If you haven't already done so, you may wish to carefully review highlighted changes in the documentation.

The ReadMe docs list changes for each particular 9.x version and the User Guide includes more descriptive information on XML Import requests.

You can find the documentation here:
http://www.quark.com/Support/Documentat ... ver/9.aspx

If you're still facing this issue, it may help to share more detail about the steps you successfully used in QXPS 8 and 9. You also have the option of following up with Quark Technical Support if you are using QXPS.

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