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Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 19 Dec 2018, 04:53

Amazing review in the Mac App Store:

"You can read the rest, but one word will say it: Liberated!"

by cmlndm – Dec 13, 2018
"I decided to move away from ID, and did so at the beginning of this month (12/2018). From all the apps I used in the CC (main ones for me Photoshop, AI, Premiere, Audition), ID was the only one that I didn't know how to replace (did look into Serif Affinity Publisher Beta). Initially I really didn't know which way I was going, but certainly was done with Adobe.

Not sure how QuarkXpress came to mind, but decided to take it for a spin, and went for the trial. Didn't even use the trial much, and decided to go for the App Store version. Well, happy I did, and man, SHOULD'VE DONE THIS SOONER.

Took the class, and also watched some of Martin Turner's videos on QX's YT channel (plus others).

Well, what a difference! Where should I start?
The typography features are unparalelled (mind you, I am no a typographer). Convert to Navite Objects is Superb. Importing and placing (perfectly) multiple images/and or single pdf pages is amazingly great using ImageGrid. HTML5 export is great, but I have only done one project (really looking forward to use this more). Granular controls for bullets and numbers (yes, a mundane thing), are amazingly good. I had a little issue with tables, b/c I didn't know how to span a long table over multiple pages. You of course include the table in a text frame (solved).

I miss data merge and grep (for paragraph styles), but was told they are coming soon. Looking forward to continue to learn the application, and discover the slew of things I for sure don't know the app can do. Liberated!" ... l=en&mt=12
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