Transparency sooo strange

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Transparency sooo strange

Post by Thomahawk » 26 Dec 2018, 08:59

The whole transparency thing works strange. Seems not possible to make a box or group together with its content transparent. It has to be set for the picture and make the box filling "none", but then all thats white of the picture, directly staying on the page withouth background becomes black in the picture. All very very confused.

That whole thing behave so very strange, the screenshot does not even look like it looks on the display. Obviously its an alpha channel. The problem is its completely wrong on the display.
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And even without transparency, there are lines on the one or other side of the picture appearing, that are not really there.

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Re: Transparency sooo strange

Post by MikeWenzloff » 26 Dec 2018, 09:37

Without the file and or more explicit steps plus how the imported file is made I have no idea what should happen.

But seeing how you also write that you are giving up on Q, maybe it doesn't matter to you that this is resolved. If you do desire to have help, consider uploading that image/graphic and/or the image/graphic plus a Q sample file with whatever blend mode you are trying to use.

You can edit the preference of an image box to have no color instead of the default white, btw.


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