Quark 2017 Issues

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Quark 2017 Issues

Post by MaryJosh » 04 Jun 2019, 05:48

I am using Mac OS Sierra, Quark 2017.

I have Upgraded from Quark 9.5 to Quark 2017. Due to my Upgrade, I have below Questions

1. Undo (Cmd Z) not working sometimes.
2. How to copy the position of one Tab and to paste into another Tab.
3. How to apply the tab position of the previous para into the current para.

The Below from Planet Quark works in Quark 9.5 and not in Quark 2017

To apply only the Tabs and Indents settings from one paragraph to the paragraphs directly following it, do this:
• Select any part of the paragraph that has the settings you like, and drag downward to select the paragraphs to which you want to apply the settings.
• Press Shift-Command-T to open the Tabs dialog box.
• Click on the ruler to create a temporary new tab, but then drag the tab up off of the ruler.
Because QuarkXPress thinks you’ve made a change to the ruler, it will apply the tab settings from the first paragraph to all selected paragraphs.


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