Where is Quark going?

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Where is Quark going?

Post by Andreas » 12 Jul 2019, 08:54

With dismay I look at the current development at Quark. Best and well known employees where thrown out. Service and response time have worsened. And the Facebook-Group is censored. I wrote a comment there, which was deleted after a short time. In addition, I was excluded from the group. Criticism is obviously undesirable. That's why I publish my comment from Facebook here:
I recommend a look at the company and job portal glassdoor.de. There are many comments from active and former Quark employees. Corporate policy, both internally and externally, has changed completely and many good employees have been dismissed. It is feared that service and product will deteriorate and thus annoy and lose customers. Quark has left its good path of the past years, so product and company will not have a good future. Treating your best and most loyal employees so badly will not make it any better with loyal customers.
Unfortunately, this is not a welcome development for Quark.

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Re: Where is Quark going?

Post by shaun » 14 Jul 2019, 07:17

We were happy as it was. Saw no need for change.
And 'Advantage' is in fact no advantage to us.
Quark 2019 looks good; go back to paying for the upgrade to 2019 and free upgrades for it.
And persuade Matthias to come back, please.

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